Welcome to White Fence Equine Photography, where passions combine, creativity is sparked, and moments in time are forever preserved. 

Based in Colorado, WFEP is available for sessions ranging from portraits, to horse show photography, to fine art inspired images.  Through my photography I strive to honor the love, passion, and dedication to equine partners.  

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White fences

I know I'm not alone in the feeling.  It comes from deep within.  When you see them you can't ignore the stirring excitement. They roll over hills, through meadows and along roads.  They preserve what stands within their borders.  The white fence will spark a memory, a feeling, a passion, even though the fence itself is not the thrill.  The thrill is what stands behind them.   It's the magestic creatures that whinny as you come near, that bravely carry you over mountains, and can warm your soul with their hot breath.  A white fence is a sign.

A white fence means a horse is near.