Hello and welcome to White Fence Equine Photography!  As the owner of WFEP, my goal is to provide clients with beautiful, impactful images they will treasure for a lifetime.  

My parents said the worst mistake they ever made was buying me a My Little Pony.  The moment the Pony hit my hand, the obsession began.  They assumed that the horse phase would pass, just as the others (soccer, ballet, basketball) had.  Oh boy, were they wrong.  Horses have been a driving force in my life for as long as I remember.  From countless lessons, clinics and shows, to the bachelors degree in Equine Business Management, to the boarding facility I convinced my not-so-horsey-husband to run with me (I love you, Honey!), horses have been the one of the few consistent things spanning my lifetime. 

Born, the only child of a former wedding photographer, I was supported when my interest in photography developed (he he, see what I did there???).  I was lucky enough to have a studio and darkroom in my basement in high school and I went on to practice photography as a hobby for many years.

Combining horses and photography has always been a dream of mine.  It is the unique opportunity to combine the two things that get me out of bed every morning (other than a screaming toddler).  I challenge myself to create images, similar to those found in the books and magazines, but of you and your horse, or your daughter and her pony.  My artistic ambition and my knowledge of horses set me apart from the others in the industry.  

I live in Lone Tree with my incredibly supportive husband and adorable daughter.  We have two hairy dogs and in my spare time (if I'm not vacuuming) I can be found at playdates, running the trails of Lone Tree, or drinking Chardonnay with the ones I love.