Professional Spotlight - Alura Carmichael - Integrity Dressage

I had the opportunity to do a session with a good friend the other day.  Alura Carmichael is an amazing dressage rider and trainer located in Littleton, Colorado and she is currently in the process of building her own training business.  

It was not only great to catch up with Alura, but it was wonderful to see her doing what she loves most.  Alura and her husband welcomed an adorable son, Maverick, into their family this past year, so it had been quite a while since I had seen Alura in the saddle.  She's just as lovely to watch as I remembered.

Alura was riding a friend's horse during the session.  Prince is a beautiful 8 year old warmblood that, despite an anxious tendency, produced some beautiful, floaty moments.  His training program is currently focused on getting him to relax his body through a bend while accepting the forward movement.  It's easier said than done, for Prince, so he and Alura did many circles. :)

I couldn't have asked for better weather or a more beautiful backdrop for this session.  Considering on this day last year, we had over a foot of snow, I'd say we lucked out.

For information about Alura's training program, please visit