Dining Dates

My two year old is more popular than I am!  She had two dining dates with friends this past week, so I decided to take advantage of the opportunities and get lifestyley.  Yep, I said it, lifestyley.

Lifestyle photography, to me, is the most authentic genre of photography. It tells a story of who you are, what you do, and how you do it.  I am able to tell a story that is deeper and more memorable than when your family is perfectly dressed and posed at a park.  

Here are three tips when it comes to preparing for a lifestyle session.

1.  Pay attention to the details.  Often time, they will be shot in your home, so look around!  Does it represent you?  That pile on the corner of your counter might feel symbolic of your life, but you would probably prefer it not to be in your pictures.  One the other hand, the busy family wall calendar, written on from corner to corner, is a great thing to display in sight.  

2.  Shooting indoors with natural light can be tricky.  Be aware that I will probably want every window uncovered, so your home will be as light as possible.  Make sure you are prepared for me to shoot from all different angles in order to find your home's best light.  Yes, that means I might stand on the back of your couch!

3.  Plan activities, the more the better!  Think family board games, baking cookies, washing the family car, doing a craft,  planting flowers, etc.  Also expect me to want to document unplanned moments too, such as the small moments in between activities.  

Don't get me wrong, portraits are great.  I will never stop taking portraits, of my own family or of others.  But I challenge you to look outside of the box for your next photoshoot.  Let me photograph more than just you, let me photograph your lifestyle.