Living the Dream

It's crazy to think that I have known Anclaire for 20 years now.  I know, I know, you're asking yourself "did they meet when they were little teeny tiny infant babies?".  But no, believe it or not, we met when we were around 15 years old.  We were both members of Pine Ridge Pony Club, in Parker, Colorado and we rode and competed in eventing in the Rocky Mountain Region.   Our lives went in different directions after high school and Pony Club.  And years went by until a Pony Club reunion happy hour got us back in touch and we've been close buddies ever since.  

Anclaire is absolutely living the horsewoman dream.  She owns a beautiful ranchette in Parker, complete with the most adorable barn a girl could ask for.  Her grey mare, Tatum , is a 14 year old warmblood that is, without a doubt, Anclaire's heart-horse.  They have an undeniable bond.  Anclaire bought Maisy as a yearling and has been letting her grow up and be a horse for the past two years.  Maisy has not been started under saddle yet, but she has gone to cowboy training camp and it absolutely shows.  She is, hands down, the most well behaved 3 year old horse I have been around.  She is the product of great horsemanship and is a joy to be around.  As you can see, she's built like a dream, she has a wonderful mind and with the amazing training program she has in her future, she is going to be a horse to watch.   I can't wait to watch them grow and take the dressage world by storm.  

Anclaire wanted pictures at home with both horses, before Tatum goes back into training at a local dressage barn.  Anclaire was not used to being in front of the camera but after a few minutes of shooting, she relaxed and her smile came alive.  I just love how her photographs came out.