Family of Five

After I had our daughter, I was on the hunt for local groups involve myself in.  I was looking for a support system,  friends for my daughter,  friends for myself and activities to help me structure my days as a new stay-at-home-mom.  I luckily found an amazing group of women in a local group of "Mommas".  The group was led by my now, good friend Christine, and she has worked so hard over the years to make sure our group schedule was full of fun, enriching activities for children and mothers, alike.  Her hard work grew an amazing community of wonderful women and kiddos that even despite our now changing schedules and lifestyles, are a close, supportive, and no-matter-what-there-for-each-other group.  Thanks Christine, for all of your hard work.  

Christine and Brent were 2 weeks away from welcoming their third child into the world when we had this session.  As always, Christine was radiant, smiling, gorgeous (characteristics that seemed to escape me when I was that far along in my pregnancy).  We scheduled the a lifestyle session at their home which included family story time, group snuggles, and mommy-and-me cuddles as well as 2 different crafts the family made together to hang in the new baby's nursery.  I was there for about 2 hours and being that we were at their home, it was comfortable experience for the family.  I love in-home sessions for many reasons:  the ease of planned (and unplanned) wardrobe changes, kids are comfortable on their home turf, availability of bandaids for owies, snacks for fading toddlers, lots of activities to interact with as well as a homey, intimate feeling that you just don't get from pictures in a park.

Big Brother N and Big Sister C helped welcome little Baby Brother A to the family on May 19th.  I've seen some adorable pictures of the little man and he is cute as can be.  He is also reported to be a happy and healthy and fitting into the family well.  I can't wait to meet you Baby A!