The Wise Duke

This family holds a very special place in my heart.  Horses brought us together, years ago and our relationship has stood the test of time because of what amazing people they are.  They would do (and have done) anything for animals (theirs or not).  They have supported me in business and I owe a huge part of my success to how often they refer me to people they know.

Duke is a very special OTTB that came into the Allard's life 15 years ago, when they needed a horse for Emily to move to after she outgrew her pony, Dart.  Emily's skill quickly outgrew Duke's physical capabilities and he became Cari's pleasure horse.  Duke is now living a charmed retired life, under the Allard's care at a neighborhood barn, with his best pony pal, Dusty.

Duke is one of those horses that you wish could talk.  I imagine he could tell some amazing stories from his years.  He has so much character and is a sneaky little trickster.  His sense of humor keeps those around him on their toes and his gentle spirit calms the even the timidest around him.  I hope you can see, with one look in his kind, wise eye, how truly special he is.   

EDIT:  Horse Heaven had an opening for a great story teller and Duke was called for the job in early Spring, 2018.  We will miss you Duke.  It was an honor to be a part of your story.