Save the Date

I lucked out and met one of the coolest girls, known to man, this past summer.  She's smart, sassy, brave, funny, kind, humble and a whole lot of other amazing adjectives that one would not mind to be associated with. She writes a witty blog about her life, horses, work and everything in between.  

She came to me about an idea that she had for a blog post that required a photoshoot.  Sick of seeing all of her friends, happily announcing engagements, practically daily, she decided it was time to announce her unconventional relationship to the world.  Her "engagement photos" with her one true love was a hilarious, smashing hit and as you can see from the images, you can really see the love between these two. 

Kim's blog post can be found here.  And yes, I already know she's a much better writer than I am, no need to point it out.