Now is the Time

Photo sessions are one of those things that some people often put off until the "right time" (kind of like having children!!!) I joke, but it's true and I am one of those people too!  I always want to wait until I get my hair done again, or the leaves are a perfect shade of October-orange, or after I lose these pesky five pounds, or when I can count on my daughter being better behaved, or blah, blah, blah.  You get the idea.

Now, Devon and I have known each other for many, many, many years, as we grew up riding in Pony Club together.  I'm just a couple (cough*cough) years older than she is, so we lost touch when I went to college and in the years after.  We recently reconnected at a horse show and she mentioned the desire to do a photo shoot in the next summer or fall and I was so excited!

Devon had just welcomed her newly-imported Swiss Oldenburg gelding, Calgary, to the family when a series of life events encouraged her to do a photo shoot NOW.  Not next month, not in the summer, not in the fall, NOW.  By fortutious chance, her push for urgency just so happened to also allow her heart-horse, Fix, to be in the photos as he was on the property for less than 24 hours in between lease arrangements.  With all of her boys by her side, together we created some gorgeous and incredibly special images that Devon will be able to look back on to remember this time in her life. 

As you can see, Devon is a beautiful woman with an infectious smile and a serious love for good looking horses. With her supportive husband, Kevin, by her side and her fierce strength and determination I just know that nothing will get her down.