2017 Fall Family Fotos

This past fall and winter, I had the honor of being chosen to photograph some amazing families for their annual pictures.  These beautiful families chose locations around the south metro, and beyond, that suited their personalities and aesthetic tastes. 

I offered each family a list of recommended locations for their shoot.  There were some very popular locations (Shout out to McCabe Meadows!) and some adventurous families that took me to beautiful new locations (do you see that view from Lookout Mountain?!?). Much like home turf advantage, shooting in the same space repeatedly can often be easier for a photographer.  And despite the same backgrounds I feel like I was able to produce different images for different families.  I could take two different families to the same location and we were able to produce a unique images, full of each family's individual character.  I love how, in the end, each family's energy shines through in the images. 

Many thanks to all of my fall and winter families who helped make this a record-breaking season for me.  Thank you for your faith in me, your attention to styling, scouting efforts, your scheduling flexibility and most of all, thanks for the laughs and smiles.