Maternity Magic

It's a magical time before a new baby arrives.  There's so much hope, joy, and anticipation.  The soon-to-be-parents know that their lives will never be the same, and for the most part, that's ok!  I love photographing this special time in a couple's life because it's such a momentous phase.  Although pregnancy is a long 9+ months, in the grand scheme of things, it is so short and is so easily forgotten.   Her feet ache and heartburn fills her chest, and she feels as big as a house, but, she is powerful and strong, while she is gentle and kind.  And most of all, she is beautiful.

Lisa and Will asked if I would be interested in taking maternity photos of Lisa, in the 8th month of her first pregnancy.  These maternity pictures would be extra special because the shoot would take place out at the barn where Lisa's horse is boarded.  Lisa spared no detail and even had matching flower crowns made for herself and her sweet mare, Cat.  Cat has been in the family since she was a baby and Lisa couldn't imagine Cat not having a major role in these pictures.

Fun fact: Lisa and Will not only have a horse named Cat (show name That Darn Cat), but they also have a cat named Horse.  

You can see the love that Lisa and Will have for each other in these images.  You can also see the love Cat has for Lisa.  While taking these pictures I absolutely KNEW that Cat could comprehend what was going on.  She was so gentle with Lisa and she paid so much attention to Lisa's belly.  It was a really special bond to witness.  

A big thanks to Rachel at A Florae for the GORGEOUS flower crowns that helped take this shoot to the next level!