Nothing make me happier, as a photographer, when my images make someone gush.  I live for the gushes.

Here is a collection of recent clients' gushes.

WOW Kristin.  Just wow.  I love so many.  Seriously amazing.


There must be allergens in the house. We both teared up watching the sideshow - It's amazing!  You both are fantastic photographers.  You captured the joy of the day.

Got them!  Already posted one :)  Next time I need to clean my tack haha!  I love the black and white ones.

Kristin, you are awesome!  How you managed to get good family pics even when my 2 year old acts like a crazy person, is beyond me!  You have a great eye for capturing those special moments we want to remember forever.  I also really enjoyed the creative process you brought to the session.  Thank you!

Love these!  You are wonderful.  Thank you.

Oh my goodness, Kristin!!!  They are so good!  I don't know how you got the light to look so glowy and buttery, but I'm impressed.  Somehow you managed to get a ton of amazing pictures even though the kids were cranky and cold and distracted.  You're a miracle worker.  Thank you!!!

You're very talented, Lady!

Oh my, I can't get over how beautiful all of our pictures turned out!  Thanks for doing an amazing job and making it a lot of fun.  You're great!

Kristin... the photos of Eddie and Em are absolutely amazing!!!  You captured both of their personalities to the T!!!  We couldn't have asked for a more talented and fun photographer to take our sweet daughter's senior pictures.  

The family Christmas photos are equally fabulous.  I have never received so many compliments on one photograph as I did on our iconic Christmas photo.  Thank you once again for a job very well done.  You are the best!

Yay! I love them. You are wonderful! Thank you so much!!  The color in these pictures is outstanding.

Thank you..they look so beautiful!!!


Thanks Kristin for these beautiful pics of my babies

So many great pictures!!  They are great!!!

You are amazing there isn’t one photo I don’t love!!!!!!  Thank you so much

Love the pics!  Thank YOU! I love love love it!

Omg I’m freaking out these are the most amazing things ever ahhhhhhhhh!!!  Man I’m going to have so much fun deciding! I think I want to make a wall in our house!

These pictures are awesome!  Thank you for being so flexible with your time to get the exact fall colors I was look for in my pictures.  I love that you were able to really capture our personalities and the love we have for our kaitlyn and my bump.  Thanks again for these wonderful pictures!

I am so pleased with how these photos turned out! Was such a beautiful day and an exciting training ride! A huge thank you to Kristin Rashid and White Fence Equine Photography! The angles and her eye are so unique!

Wow! Great pics and a great write up! Thank you so much for capturing this beautiful moment!!! We are so happy for them!!!

After seeing Kristin's work at the Colorado Horse Park, I knew the the moment I bought a horse, she was the one I was calling to capture the moment that I told my little girls one of their dreams, along with mine, had come true. And capture it she did; again and again in ways I hadn't thought of or imagined. From start to finish the entire process was one of ease and fun. Not ever having had formal family photos before (let alone with a horse), I was a little wary that my kids would either be bored or would have a hard time relating to the photographer. Not in the least!  My girls totally gravitated toward her. She had funny comments, games and interactive shots that made them each feel special.  And most importantly, the images and moments she captured are nothing short of magical. From the lighting to the detail, I can't say enough positive things about the entire experience and finished product. My only complaint would be that I don't have enough wall space to hang them all - there are that many incredible choices. Kristin has a true gift and an eye for detail that leaves you lingering over each and every shot, maybe even with a tear of joy in your eye as you realize that such a special point in time was captured forever.  My family and I can't wait to work with her again. 

LOVE THEM SO MUCH.  Thanks so much!  OMG I'm so so so happy and excited!!

I absolutely LOVE our pics!!!  Thanks a bunch!

Kristin!  Yay, they're awesome!  Thank you!

OMG - love.  This is one of my absolute faves and probably going on my dating profile (har har har).

I love them thanks!

Dearest Kristin,

I am somewhat at a loss for words, in part because there are a lot of tears…grateful, appreciative, loving tears.  You captured everything I was looking for with these photos, and so much more.  And,  YOU GOT THE BLACK BACKGROUND ONE!!!  Really, my heart is full and of course I want all the photos.  Each one has left an imprint on my heart in their own special way.  The kitty pictures are stunning in and of themselves!  Lucy, Dusty, Em, John, me … WOW! And my Dukie…he is just so special and my love for him is truly limitless.  Thank you for your time, your patience, your expertise and creativity, and for your love.  Every picture demonstrates those things about you and I’m so glad I finally called!

I’ll be in touch once I am able to compose myself a little better.

They're all so wonderful!!  Thank you so much!  You captured some great images!!  And a couple gave us a great chuckle ;)

They are stunning, you are very gifted girl!  Just started looking through and I am crying like a baby they are so beautiful.  Thank you for finding the little princess that stole our heart and will forever have our love.

These are all SO AMAZING!!!! I’ve been sitting on the couch looking through them all morning. You are so incredibly talented!!!!!!! Thank you SO much!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m literally speechless!!!!!! Every time I look through them, I find new favorites. It’s so special to have Cat in these pictures, too! Ahh thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!

Kristin is truly a talented photographer. Her eye for light and composition gives her images a unique beauty. She has the ability to capture moments just as we want to remember them. I often look back at photographs she has taken and smile- the dimple she captured in my toddler's cheek, the light in the eyes, that moment of silly laughter- these are priceless captures that I am forever grateful to have and revisit. When you hire Kristin you are investing in capturing and preserving your special memories in a beautiful way that will both last and allow you to share your joyful moments with others

Oh my gosh!  I LOVE THEM!!!  You totally captured exactly how I'd want our family memories.  Tears!!!  Yup.  Tears.  You did such a great job.  Thank you so much for capturing the real heart of our family!

Thank you so much! All of the photos turned out amazing.  You really did a fantastic job, thank you again so much for all the time you spent during and after on this! They sure did turn out wonderful!! 

They are gorgeous (and I know what you had to work with…not so easy). Thank you so much!!!!!

Love, love all the photos!! Thank you!! Definitely want to purchase all images.  So excited!!!

OMGGGGGGGGGGGG! Kristin these are so freaking amazing. Like seriously, woa! Words cannot do you justice. You captured so many amazing moments and I cannot wait to give these to our families as gifts.

Oh my gosh - I seriously don't know how I'm going to be able to work the rest of the day. All I want to do is look at these pictures!!!!


I HAVE GOOSE BUMPS!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much for these shots!! OMG! They are perfect! 



Thank you soooo much! I seriously love every single one and feel like these are the photos I've been trying to get of our family for the past couple years! Seriously amazing. I love them all! A couple of them hit me straight in the heart because its just how our family is. Day made! So amazing!!

Thank you again. I am so in love with all of them!